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A componente digital é uma parte essencial do «marketing mix» e a perceção da forma como esta componente gera valor continua a ser um aspeto-chave das marcas e detentores de direitos desportivos que traçam um rumo num panorama mediático em constante mutação.

A Nielsen Sports fornece análises e perspetivas aprofundadas juntamente com uma panóplia de ferramentas digitais que, em combinação com uma ampla experiência, ajudam os clientes a entender melhor a “adequação de marca” online, a valorização através das redes sociais, a exposição das marcas online e as fatias publicitárias.

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    Our Digital Media Products

    Digital Media Consulting

    Why are companies using sponsorships and how can the use of social media help you with the extension and efficiency enhancement of your sponsorships?

    Using sponsorships, companies can efficiently address their target audience, which creates high acceptance and credibility. With social media, these effects can be more intensified as personal and social motives entice people to share interesting content.

    The spontaneous usage of social media is not very expedient – it needs a consistently planned cross-channel strategy. The basis of the strategy is the individual definition of objectives. Important objectives in the context of sponsorships are the activation and extension of sponsorships and direct customer communication. This results in the strengthening of the company profile and service improvement as well as direct success control and monetary incentives.

    Nielsen Sports´ consultancy approach makes it easier for you to understand and to capitalise on opportunities and the added value social media has to offer.

    Social Media Consulting – We offer/ OR we provide:

    1. Knowledge transfer in social media and sponsorship through an introduction workshop
    2. Digital strategy consulting
    3. Successful control of your activities via monitoring and reports
    4. Comparison with competitors and best practices
    5. Monetary assessment of your sponsorship in the digital world

    Digital Media Monitoring

    Analyse and understand the activities of your fans. Be aware when, where and what people are talking about concerning your brand/event. Know the demographic profile of your target audience and understand the tonality of the talks on social media.

    What does social media monitoring offer?

    Social media monitoring is a service that monitors and measures the communication based on predefined keywords on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other relevant social networks. Social media benchmarking to track buzz around events, activations and assets

    What are the benefits?

    – Impact of online and offline activations and details of what is being discussed on which platforms on social media
    – Who’s discussing what
    – Where being discussed; market, platform and language
    – What’s being discussed and when

    Digital Media Valuation

    Social media valuation delivers a service that puts a monetary value on owned Facebook, Twitter and YouTube profiles. Image, text and video formats are measured and valued through unique and globally accepted methodology developed by Repucom. In combination with the exact measurements of sponsor exposure and reach, Repucom delivers individually tailored solutions to measure your ROI in social media. In addition to the measurement of advertising value, other inventory items, such as photos, videos etc., can be compared against each other.

    How can social media valuation benefit you?

    – Compare social media with traditional forms of advertising
    – Differentiate the monetary value between social networks and specific forms of content

    Digital Media Intelligence

    With various tools at our disposal, Digital Market Intelligence delivers valuable analyses for the optimization of your digital communication. We enable you to interpret how successful your competitors communicate in social media compared to you and find opportunities to improve.

    What does Digital Market Intelligence offer?

    A service that observes and compares the most important digital platforms of competitors, partners and market leaders. The combination of social media monitoring, aggregated information conditioning of relevant KPI´s (e.g. engagement rate, distribution of content, development of fans and followers) as well as the analysis of web site visitors reached via social media, We deliver a comprehensive and comparison reflection of digital actions.

    How can you leverage Digital Market Intelligence?

    – Social Media Monitoring as a basis for analysis
    – Compare your social media activities with those of your competitors
    – Learn from market leaders in order to improve your social media actions (Interactions and content)