Repucom finds 90% of Sport Accord Convention delegates believe Women’s role in sport will grow in importance

SportAccord 2015 Repucom

  • 90% of SportAccord Convention delegates believe women’s role in sports business will grow
  • Yet 40% do not recognise the necessity to capitalise on female fans and athletes

Sochi, 22.04.15 – Repucom, the sports and entertainment intelligence experts is set to release a host of new information detailing the opinions of sport’s leaders from this year’s SportAccord Convention on women and sport.

The survey results are based on the opinions of a cross section of delegates from leading sports organisations in attendance at this year’s event.

The overwhelming trend illustrates the lack of attention still being paid to women participating in sport as well as the role of women within the business of sport.

The survey at SportAccord Convention comes at a time when Repucom have recently released the report, Women and Sport, which details the growing rise and importance of female fans and athletes. The report has been in circulation throughout the six day event and is available as a free to download.

The rapid rise of the importance, influence and value of female fans and athletes has been one of the most distinctive shifts in the sports marketing landscape in the last 50 years.

Today, nearly half of all women across the globe are interested in sport. Countries such as Brazil, India, the UAE and SportAccord Convention host, Russia, have some of the smallest gender gaps between male and female interest in sport.

Yet findings from the delegate survey show that sports organisations are not fully exploiting this opportunity. The majority of them do not have a strategy to engage female fans or athletes, and on average, 40% do not even recognise the necessity to capitalise on female fans and athletes.

This is in stark contrast to the 90% of delegates surveyed who believe women will become a more important group to sports businesses, either in part or to a much greater extent.

Fans remain integral to the sponsorship investment in sport, and female fans are of particularly high importance to many sponsors given their influence in purchasing decisions.

As female fans and athletes present a major opportunity to the business of sports, these findings could act as a wake-up call to attitudes still facing women’s role in sport, both as competitors and consumers.

Take a look at Repucom’s Women and Sport report: free download.
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