Adam Scott, the Master for Endorsements

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London/ Augusta, 08/04/14 – Australia’s number one golfer and reigning Masters’ champion, Adam Scott ranks in the US as the most effective brand and product endorser among golfers today, Repucom’s Celebrity DBI finds. As the Masters prepares to tee off in Augusta on April 10th, almost 88% of people in the US who know of Scott agree that he makes an impact on their brand consideration and purchasing intent.

Three time Masters’ champion Phil Mickelson also scores very highly as an endorser, his ranking only just shy of Scott’s score. 87% of people who know of Mickelson say that he is an effective brand spokesperson.

Following his first Major win at the Masters last year, perceptions of Scott as an effective endorser have jumped, from around 80% of people agreeing in 2012, to nearer 88% today. During this period public awareness of Scott in the US rose too, from 17% to over 29%.

Charlie Dundas, Head of Strategic Product Innovation at Repucom, said: “This ranking of the most effective endorsers in golf today gives sponsors a very good indication of not only the best endorsers at this year’s Masters, but also the “ones to watch” in terms of sponsorship potential.

“Of course, these figures indicate how effective an endorser Scott is among the people that know him. As his profile increases, his ability to retain this favorable level of public perception will be tested as the views of a wider population are taken into consideration.

“It’s clear from the current endorser rankings that the top ten golfers sit quite closely to each other. But given the notoriety of a coveted Masters’ title, taking home a green jacket could well catapult the winner ahead of the others.”

One noticeable absentee from the top 10 ranking in endorsement is the current world number one player, Tiger Woods. Woods, who is known of by almost 80% of people globally and over 98% of people in the US, scores relatively poorly as a brand and product endorser. After a troubled few years off the course, the most recognizable golfers in the world and four-time Masters champion now ranks within the bottom 5% of globally tested celebrities for both people’s levels of trust of him as well as his effectiveness as a brand endorser.

One golfer who does however boast sponsorship potential is Jordan Spieth. Although the 20 year old is only known by just over 12% of the US population, those that do know of him rank the young American higher than Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy and South Africa’s Ernie Els as an effective product endorser.

Success for Spieth at what will be his first Masters outing would certainly see the level of public awareness rise for the young star, where the objective would then be to ensure perceptions of him as an endorser remain high, much like Scott and Mickelson have achieved.

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