PJ Roberts talks about ‘women and sport’ on BFM radio

BFM interview with PJ Roberts

PJ Roberts, Repucom’s Vice President, Southeast Asia, gives his insights into the growing rise and importance of female fans and female athletes on Malaysian BFM radio.



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    Women and Sport

    Aside from the digital revolution, the rapid rise in the importance, influence and value of female fans has been one of the most distinctive shifts in the sports marketing landscape in the last 50 years. We now see the impact of a second generation of young women growing up with a much higher chance of developing an interest in sport, and female sporting celebrities providing role models who are closing the gap with non-sport celebrities and their male counterparts.

    The Women and Sport report taps into the vast array of data points Repucom has amassed on women’s TV and digital media habits, sponsors associated with women in sport, the most marketable female athletes around the world and the future of women and sport.

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