Important Lessons to take away from the Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral phenomenon on social media platforms. Millions of people have become aware of the ALS disease through the videos posted on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Besides the enhanced awareness for the ALS disease, the ALS Association has raised over $70,2 million  so far and is a perfect example for a worldwide viral campaign.Repucom has been monitoring the social media buzz around the Ice Bucket Challenge and presents valuable insights in this case study. 

Whilst the Ice Bucket Challenge craze has grabbed the imagination of people all over the world, it has been celebrities who have really driven up the number of shares and follows. Celebrities are the engine behind the campaign as they have helped to both announce it and helped to motivate their numerous fans and followers to participate and donate themselves.

Celebrities and Athletes are driving up the engagement

In our case study Lionel Messi´s video and the subsequent nomination of 3 other soccer stars exemplify how the Ice Bucket Challenge was able to reach so many people around the world. Athletes are fantastic multipliers for social media campaigns because they usually have a big and engaged fan base, they are likely to use their social media platforms for both charity and commercial activities. Furthermore they often communicate on multiple platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

This is not just noteworthy for this specific case. Social networks are becoming more and more popular, especially when it comes to sponsorships and advertising. There are certain aspects of the Ice Bucket Challenge that were the key for its success and that can also be applied to a club, team or sponsor´s social media strategy.

Key Lessons to take away from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge one-Sheeter

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