Understanding target markets through focused research

Market Research

By systematically gathering, analyzing and interpreting data that is relevant to target audiences and markets, Nielsen Sports unparalleled sponsorship and marketing research provides invaluable and actionable insights to feed strategic thinking and tactical action.

At Nielsen Sports we have the entire recipe for successful marketing and media strategies which we call Reach, Resonance and Reaction.

Building upon a range of explicit and implicit approaches, from telephone, database, online and face-to-face interactions, sophisticated social media analytics and predictive modelling, Nielsen Sports provides both quantitative and qualitative research helping clients to better understand their customers and fans and to help build sports marketing strategies.

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“FAN DNA is a pioneering behavioural approach, that can help you identify or target the fans who react most positively to your sponsorship.”


– Mike Wragg, Executive Vice President, Global Head

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Our Market Research Products


CATALYST is a framework to analyze the effectiveness of on-site activation in the context of sponsorships. This activation is a critical marketing tool to engage consumers in meaningful ways.

It generates key insights on property engagement and attendee profiling, activation diagnosis and impacts on brands.

CATALYST employs a consistent methodology and questions set to measure activation, effectiveness across different types of sponsorship, different types of activation, brand portfolios and territories.


We offer client-exclusive projects utilizing the approach and methodologies tailored to the individual requirements of clients. Fan-focused studies can research views of supporters of teams, clubs and events. Target market surveys look specifically at core markets in terms of audiences, countries and interests. Nationally representative studies analyze the levels of interest in sports and awareness of sponsorships amongst different target groups.


Fan DNA is a pioneering behavioural approach, that can help you identify or target the fans who react most positively to your sponsorship. Click here for more details on Fan DNA.


SPONSORLINK is a specialist tracking service that enables monitoring of trends and developments. It focuses on the domestic sponsorship environment and the key sports, events and activities. Continuous research (weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on market) means clients can access this resource whenever required. Modules include attitudes to sponsorship, interest in sport, non-sport activities, sponsorship awareness and impact, and topical issues. Access standalone reports on different topics and benefit from opportunities to add your own questions to track your sponsorship or activity impact over time.

Sports DNA

SPORTS DNA is the holistic sponsorship planning and monitoring tool for clients pursuing an international strategy.

It is the world’s largest multi-client sports study, running consecutively since 2000, allowing high-quality market research via consistent and comparable methodology.

Thanks to its syndicated approach, SPORTS DNA provides outstanding value for money, as well as access to a rich catalogue of Ad Hoc data available from previous years.

A fundamental sports marketing and sponsorship research tool, SPORTS DNA, is built upon a twice-yearly survey of over 30 markets worldwide to deliver a wide range of insights globally and for each market.



Leveraging the latest data science technology to de-risk sports marketing investments.


Projects focussed on uncovering the financial value and emotional impact of sports marketing, integrating primary research with Nielsen and third party data to produce investment grade evidence.



We conduct literally millions of fan interviews across the world every year, and have decades of experience in how to get the answers you need to grow.