Creativity, Collaboration, and Analytics in Courtside Signage

BasketballDuring the past few NBA seasons, Repucom, the global leader in sports marketing research, has seen an increase in teams requesting research and integrating a broader range of data into their business decision making processes. Data had previously focused on CRM information for customer demographics and behaviors,
but recently, teams have taken a more sophisticated approach to maximizing revenue on both the ticketing and sponsorship sides of the business.

Repucom currently works with more than 25 NBA franchises and the league office. For more than ten years, Repucom’s services have helped franchises develop a deeper understanding of the exposure/value their sponsors receive, as well as develop a more nuanced view of their actual fan base. Beginning in 2012-13, teams approached Repucom for assistance in maximizing both sponsor exposure and ticket revenue through modifications to courtside rotational signage layouts.

Cut-off-signage enables Teams to increase TV exposure of sponsors up to 77% per Game

The Cleveland Cavaliers were the first team to approach this reconfiguration opportunity head-on. The Cavaliers implemented a new courtside rotational model that included three different locations prior to the 2012-13 season and utilized Repucom to measure and determine the effects of those changes. Although there was no change to the size of the amount of signage on the courtside rotational, the Cavaliers’ 8-foot-24-
foot-8-foot signage layout moved more fans closer to center court, resulting in a 77% increase in duration or actual seconds of brand exposure on screen.

One Signage Location Becomes Three


 Quick Hits:

  • With traditional courtside rotational signage, sponsor logos are often cut off in broadcastbased on current camera angles and positions, resulting in truncated messaging.
  • The recommendation for teams was to split larger tables into smaller sections, including placements in the front court on both ends of the court.
  • The Cleveland Cavaliers’ new 8-foot-24-foot-8-foot signage layout moves more fans closer to center court and increases brand exposure on screen by 77%. Decreasing the length of a team’s courtside rotational signage opens up more room for additional premium seats and resultant ticketing revenue

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