Ronaldo set to surpass the 100 million facebook fan mark

Cologne, 14.10.14 – Cristiano Ronaldo, named as the most marketable football player in the world by Repucom in May this year, has extended that claim by reaching 100 million Facebook “fans”.

He will become the first athlete to break the 100 million mark in terms of Facebook fans and of the top ten highest ranking sports clubs, leagues, tournaments, franchises and players on Facebook, Ronaldo tops the lot, with over 23 million more fans than second placed, FC Barcelona which has 76.8 million fans.

Ronaldo is now averaging one new fan on Facebook almost every second (54 new fans per minute).

Globally, he’s a personality known by over 84% of the world’s population, 87% of which saying that they find him an influential brand spokesman.


Paul Smith, chief executive and founder of Repucom, said: “Whilst this is certainly a significant milestone in terms of the player’s global appeal, understanding the importance of Ronaldo’s interactions online is vital. Going beyond the number and asking the “so what?” question is where the real value of his online profile lays.

“By analysing the post reach, engagement levels and types and quality of brand exposure of that message or broadcast, one can quantify the value of social media interactions in the same manner done when evaluating TV exposure. This allows for better comparisons of media value and social media worth.

“For example, in two days, Tag Heuer’s #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign which was endorsed through 6 posts by Ronaldo led to an estimated 34.92 million Facebook views and 2.4 million “likes” for these Tag Heuer related posts. All of which generated an estimated value of $380,000 to the Tag Heuer brand.”


It is not just Facebook where Ronaldo’s fan base is leading the way. Of all the sports entities on Twitter, he tops the list of most followers with over 30.4 million, almost 10 million more than second placed, Kaká, the Brazilian football player.
Basketball player, LeBron James has the third most popular sports profile on Twitter, boasting over 15.4 million followers, a figure half of that of Ronaldo’s.

Comparing the two Twitter accounts this year, the Portuguese forward’s dominance is clear. His most popular day on Twitter in 2014 was on the 13th January, the day he won the Ballon D’Or for the second time. On that day Ronaldo received over 118,000 retweets and its total engagement (the sum of retweets, mentions and replies) topped 1.04 million, compared to James’ most popular day on Twitter in 2014, when he announced his move to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which received 672,000 total engagements.


Cristiano Ronaldo 100 million Facebook fans

One thing is for sure, people do take note of what Ronaldo says, something 70% of people who know of him globally agree with. To his 100 million Facebook fans, this could not be truer.


Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed sport star on Facebook