4 Schritte zum Smart-Sponsor (Sub-Seite)


Guidelines for successful planning: Four steps to smart sponsorship analysis

A way out of this dilemma is urgently needed. Nielsen Sports’ “Smart Sponsor” concept tackles this problem head-on, offering sponsors a methodical approach to managing their sponsorship projects. Four steps are fundamental for every decision-maker during the strategic planning process ensuring smart sponsorship:

1. Break down the target group to identify the most attractive segments – which can be up to 300% more receptive sponsorship messages – quickly and efficiently: customized fan segmentation by understanding the fan DNA!
2. Activation is always on equal footing with rights acquisition: Activate the sponsorship by tailored communication to the target group – appealing to critical success segments based on their needs!
3. Base all strategic and creative process measures on data-backed decisions: Measure and evaluate success holistically to quantify the Return-on-Sponsorship-Investment (ROSI) to leverage the sponsorship effectively!
4. Optimize the sponsorship using ROSI tools to systematically identify further potential. Integrate and rely on external partners for strategic and creative planning to ensure smart Optimisation based on lean management methods.

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