Automobile Industry Sponsorship Report


Detailed report in English, including graphics and expert assessment of results. Delivered in PDF format or bound print version (52 pages).

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Repucom’s Market Intelligence department provides analysis and in-depth research of international and European sponsorship topics.

The Automobile Industry Sponsorship Report 2011 has been created as an appropriate tool to provide insight into the field of the global sponsorship engagements of automobile manufacturers. The report comprises an initial section featuring cumulated representative market research results from eighteen global markets, with a comparison of average results with those obtained from car-interested and new car-interested target groups.
A further chapter provides Market Intelligence data on the sponsorship engagements of the twenty top automobile brands in terms of sport sponsorship volume (excluding motorsport), illuminating their strategies and the key deals in their portfolios. The Automobile Industry Sponsorship Report 2011 is concluded by best practice case studies on automobile manufacturers, which have successfully implemented an effective sponsorship strategy to achieve their corporate objectives.