The Esports Economy Will Generate At Least $465 Million in 2017

‘The Global Growth of Esports: Trends, Revenues and Audience Towards 2017’

Newzoo have teamed up with Repucom to publish their latest report, ‘The Global Growth of Esports: Trends, Revenues and Audience Towards 2017’. The report, which launched today, shows just how important esports will become, with revenues estimated to reach $465 million in 2017. This is driven partly by the increase in the industries fanbase. In terms of audience, the report shows that the number of esports enthusiasts will jump from 89 million last year to 145 million in 2017.

Esports economy growth


Mike Wragg, Global Head of Research at Repucom: “Repucom has been studying sport and entertainment fans across the world for decades, and there’s never been a more exciting time for new formats which engage the next generation. This collaboration with Newzoo gives our clients a chance to see how far esports have travelled already, and the potential value we can expect in the near future.

Following a year of explosive growth in audience and growth of revenue, 2015 will be pivotal in determining the future of esports.

Esports vs. Sports: How do they Compare?

Today, esports, a product of a digital age, receives 34% of its revenues from online advertising and still relies on the investment of game publishers. This money is indirectly recouped by the publishers through spending on or in their games. However, esports is beginning to evolve into a business of its own. Many sponsors are becoming increasingly engaged and consumers are contributing to championship prize pools and paying to attend online or real-life events.

As the esports market matures, its revenue mix will closer resemble that of traditional sports which saw 57% of revenues come from sponsorships and selling media rights in 2014.

Esports vs Sports comparison


In terms of fans, there are 2.2 billion people globally who consider themselves to be interested or very interested in sports and of these, 1.6 billion actively participate in at least one sport. This is comparable to the 1.7 billion people that play games. On a global scale, the number of esports enthusiasts compare well to mid-tier traditional sports. Swimming and ice hockey for example have 76 million and 94 million global fans respectively, similar to the 89 million esports enthusiasts. By 2017, the global number of esports fans will come close to that of American football.

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