Euro 2016: Share of Voice | Match Round 3

Share of Voice of the match round 3 of the Euros 2016

Outsiders generate increased online buzz as group stages conclude

The online conversation around several of the unfancied nations at UEFA Euro 2016 has markedly increased, according to Repucom’s Digital Share of Voice analysis, after the third set of group games saw the likes of Hungary, Iceland and Wales qualify for the knockout stages.

Hungary, winners of group F after a dramatic 3-3 draw with Portugal on Wednesday, were ranked only 23rd for online buzz in the first match round, rising to 14th after a victory over Austria and draw against Iceland. In the final match round, however, the Hungarians have risen to become the fifth most talked-about team at the tournament, with 4.7% of the overall share of voice – a mix of online mentions coming from an increasingly passionate and engaged fan base and wider interest in the team’s surprise performances at the tournament.

Similarly, Switzerland rose from 23rd most talked-about team during match round two but generated the 7th highest amount of online buzz during the final group games, largely as a result of playing hosts France – a result which underlines the influence of a top-level opponent in generating conversation online.

France’s next opponents will be Ireland, whose dramatic victory over Italy saw the team rise from 9th to 8th in terms of online mentions.

After slipping behind England and Wales during the second round of matches at UEFA Euro 2016, Turkey returned to the top on the online mention charts in the final set of group games. Turkey’s victory over Czech Republic on Tuesday, however, saw the team generate 5% of the total conversation but ultimately wasn’t enough for the team to qualify for the knockout stages.

Portugal, who scraped into the round of 16 courtesy of a 3-3 draw with Hungary, received the second highest number of online mentions (5% share of voice) during the final match round, ahead of England (4.8%), who qualified via a 0-0 draw with Slovakia.

The six teams generating the least amount of online buzz this match round – Romania, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Sweden, Albania and Austria – have all now been eliminated from the competition, along with Turkey and Russia (the 15th most talked-about team in match round three).

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