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With the end of the 2014 F1 season now in sight, thoughts behind the scenes, at least, are starting to wonder what next season holds.

The season break will be one of the busiest with a number of high profile drivers looking set to change teams. The spotlight once again falls on the teams themselves as they prepare both technically and commercially for the season ahead.

With global digital audiences growing for the individual teams and accumulative TV audiences remaining strong around the world, Repucom’s Nigel Geach speaks to the Financial Times on what both the teams and motorsport’s governing body should and shouldn’t be concerned about regarding audiences and the commerciality of the sport ahead of the 2015 season.


Does the decline in TV audiences concern the sponsors? Not according to Nigel Geach, senior vice-president of industry survey specialists Repucom,

“Companies bought sponsorships 20 years ago,” he says. “These are still big numbers, 1.6bn cumulative audience, but it’s what they do with the numbers on the different platforms that counts today. “It’s how they can use F1 that matters. They aren’t going to drop F1 because of falling TV numbers, as it’s still one of the few global sports events.”

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