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Global fans in the information age. Who are we? What motivates us? How do we create value?

As a professional industry has grown up around sport the definition of the ‘fan’ has, inevitably, become more complex and nuanced, as has the desire to understand precisely what makes them tick. Technology, meanwhile, is changing everything. What being a ‘fan’ means – the long-established pattern of behaviour we associate with fans – is being disrupted by a raft of new sport and entertainment formats and new ways of consuming them. Rights-holders, broadcasters and sponsors need a map for this new global fan landscape.

The Fan Revolution report charts the changing relationship between fans and brands and rights-holders and introduces Repucom’s pioneering Fan DNA research, which has identified seven clearly differentiated groups of fans, each with their own distinctive characteristics, behavioural tendencies and attitudes to sport and sponsors – in particular, which type of fans respond most strongly to different sorts of sponsorship activation; it is the missing link between what fans say and what they actually do.

Fan Revolution Report