Foreign investment helps European football shirt sponsorship surge by 13%

London, 23.03.16 – The amount of money being invested into shirt sponsorship of Europe’s top six football leagues has grown by 13% on last season, Repucom’s European Football Jersey Report 2015/2016 shows.

The report which takes into account football shirt sponsorship of the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga, Spain’s Primera División, France’s Ligue 1, the Italian Serie A, and the Netherlands’ Eredivisie, shows the size of the industry has grown from €736m in the 2014/15 season to over €830m this season.

The biggest surge comes once again from the Premier League where front of shirt sponsorship revenues have grown 35% on last year’s figures, rising from €244m to €330m. The Premier League now accounts for just under 40% of the total figure generated by the top six leagues in Europe.

Foreign investment remains key to driving this growing market and now accounts for over 62% of the total front of shirt investment coming into the leagues, having increased from 59% in the 2014/15 season. With over 87% of revenues coming from abroad, Spain’s Primera División has the biggest percentage of foreign investment being spent in the shirt sponsorship of its clubs, followed by the English Premier League (82%) and France’s Ligue 1 (60%).

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to be the market investing the most into the top six leagues with a total of €163m spent on shirt sponsorship in the 2015/16 season, an increase of 9% on last season. Germany ranks as the market with the second highest amount of investment into sponsorship across the leagues (€136m), followed by the US (€87m), driven largely by investment from the automobile sector.

One of the key shifts is the rise of investment from betting companies. The 2015/16 season has seen a 180% increase in the amount of money invested by the industry, which at €42m now represents the sixth largest industry investor.


European Football Jersey Report 2015/2016

European Football Jersey Report


Jon Stainer, Managing Director, Repucom UK&I, said:

“At its current rate of growth, we could see European football shirt sponsorship investment top €1bn within the next few seasons. The Premier League continues to drive this trend with year on year investment growing faster than any other league on the continent. It is an industry that attracts big money from abroad which underlines the appeal European football has internationally.

“For brands, shirt sponsorship consistently returns the highest advertising values but it is key to understand which clubs and leagues present the best opportunities. Given the number of deals and their increasing values, mapping European football’s shirt sponsorships provides a fascinating look into the trends shaping the whole industry.

“The rise of betting companies across the leagues, for example, is something certainly worth noting, especially as we start to see markets like the Netherlands and Germany reduce the restrictions on betting sponsorship. We’re seeing the industry return to where it was in 2011. Companies such as Betway, bet-at-home, Dafabet and Mansion have ensured the betting industry has jumped from being the 11th biggest investor in European shirt sponsorship to being sixth.”

With annual sponsorship of over €199m, the travel and tourism industry remains the biggest investor into European shirt sponsorship, a figure having dropped slightly from €209m in the 2014/15 season.

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