The Forgotten Fans: Is it worth targeting the busy and cynical with sports activations?

This week, Event Magazine took a look at how experiential agencies, brands and rights holders can and should start to take advantage of looking at fans differently and why it is not quite time yet to give up on the more cynical sports fans.

Alex Goode, explains that

“the global sports audience is more powerful than ever. The recent report by Repucom brought together a decade’s worth of fan information and shone a light on the two groups of fans sorely overlooked by the experiential events market.

“Termed ‘busy’ and ‘cynical’, these fans are distinguishable by their lack of engagement with sports activations. Yet their interest in the sporting world is still prevalent. The question as to whether these fans are worth a percentage of the marketing budget is one worth exploring.”

This recent report entitled Fan Revolution, which is now available for free download, demonstrates the new research tool launched by Repucom earlier this year called Fan DNA. Fan DNA is a pioneering behavioural approach which helps identify the fans most likely to react positively to sponsorship engagements.

For more information on how Fan DNA can help you, get in touch. To read the full story from Event magazine, click here.

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