Protéger votre marque, vos droits marketing et médias.

Audit Commercial

L’importance de la gestion des droits commerciaux par audit commercial croît à mesure que les canaux médiatiques évoluent et se développent dans le monde entier.

En surveillant et en vérifiant les droits marketing et médias dans le monde entier, Nielsen Sports aide ses clients (fédérations sportives nationales et internationales, propriétaires d’événements, clubs et équipes), ainsi que les acheteurs de droits (sponsors sportifs et partenaires), à protéger leurs droits de marque et de produit.


Compliance Monitoring

Policing the broadcast of rights-related content through compliance monitoring helps to ensure that all events, branding and commercial stipulations are adhered to according to contract.

Broadcast Monitoring

By monitoring specific events – or even individual matches – we can determine if you are receiving the appropriate pre-defined coverage.


Breaches of rights or even innovative ideas can happen. Our competitor monitoring service screens the activities of rival media to keep clients informed of potential issues.

Brand Monitoring

With our brand monitoring service we will screen for the actual application of content, branding and footage to check for use, adherence to best practise, and abuse.

Partner Identification

We can help rights holders identify future partners by uncovering unusually high advertising patterns around dedicated programming.

Campaign Monitoring

Commercial auditing can help coordinate the local activation of a central engagement. The efforts of your national or regional branches to leverage your sponsorships with commercial airtime can be plotted and monitored globally. Equally, the actions of your rival brands can be observed around the world, allowing you the insight to determine their strategies and potentially devise your own neutralising campaigns.

– Determine what decentralised branches do to leverage a central sponsorship through TV commercials and broadcast sponsorship.
– Measure what competitors are up to, either in general in a market or around your sponsorships.
– Develop defensive strategies to neutralise these.





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