Analyse détaillée du marché et des concurrents.

Intelligence du Marche

Pour que ses clients aient toujours un temps d’avance, Nielsen Sports suit et analyse quotidiennement les évolutions de l’industrie du sport, du sponsoring et de l’entertainment, ainsi que les activités de la concurrencet.
Grâce à ses rapports syndiqués ou sur-mesure, Nielsen Sports offre une analyse approfondie des marchés globaux et locaux et ainsi qu’un accès rapide à l’information.


Sponsorglobe Database

SPONSORGLOBE is the world’s most extensive sponsorship database. It contains all the key facts on the top sponsors and deals in the world of sports, entertainment and culture. Whether you are a brand, club, federation or agency: Benefit from our database containing more than 170,000 up-to-date sponsorship deals worldwide.

What are the key benefits?

– Global overview of all key markets and top assets
– Benchmarking of own engagements with competitors‘ sponsorships
– Identification of new/potential properties

Why is Sponsorglobe unique?

– More than 170,000 deals worldwide in sports, entertainment and culture
– Compilation of the newest deals every day through a global news tracking
– Constant systematic deal research since 2009
– Benefit from our global network: Containing more than 250 markets and 100 industry sectors

How can you gain access?

Individual Enquiries:

– Place your need for sponsorship information via
– Receive a customised offer within 24 hours
– The data can be provided within two working days in most cases
– Further analysis and evaluation by our sports business experts can be provided upon request
– For multiple enquiries a credit system for 5, 10 or 20 credits can be applied gaining a quick and convenient turnaround

Annual Subscription:

– Tailored annual subscription package for your individual needs
– Convenient 24/7 access
– Flexible pricing depending on your customised package

Market & Sector Analysis

With our Market Analysis you can gain the latest insights into the sports business of individual countries or regions worldwide. We can search and analyse the sponsorship landscape in depth based on specific requirements. Researches range from identification of top sponsors/top properties to any kind of benchmarking or the evaluation of the total sports sponsorship volume. We can also provide further sports expertise in areas such as media rights, hospitality, merchandising or ticketing.

Our Sector Analysis focuses on the latest insights in selected industries worldwide. Using in-depth research and analysis we can identify the sponsorship budgets of key players in each industry sector. We can also highlight spending of each sector for different sports and provide indications of industry drivers, developments and trends, all according to client requirements.

Key insights

– Top sponsors and their key engagements
– Total sponsorship volume and spending per sector, sport or company
– Sponsorship tools and activation case studies
– Market or sector development and trends

Competitor Analysis

We are able to monitor and analyse the sports sponsorship activities of competitors around the world. Apart from giving you an overview of sponsorship activities, including researched investment levels, we can determine your competitors’ sponsorship strategies, providing a valuable edge in the market.

In-depth sponsorship analysis of your competitors

– Rapid, first-hand and extensive knowledge for your strategic decisions
– Based on the world‘s most extensive sponsorship database, SPONSORGLOBE, with more than 130,000 deals
– Coverage of all sponsorship sectors (sports, culture, music etc.)
– Additional high-quality research and expertise on strategy and activation

Key insights

– Sponsorship activities and deal figures
– Contract durations and sponsorship tools
– Activation case studies
– Sponsorship strategy and further insights

Activation Analysis

Through our global network and the ongoing monitoring of the sponsorship market, we are able to provide best practice examples of sponsorship activation measures referring to specific objectives, industries, sports or markets.

Besides the best practice examples that give you new ideas for your own activation, we can also track and analyse the concrete activation activities of your competitors and other relevant brands.

Key insights

– Activation analysis of relevant sponsors, e.g. competitors, including figures to prove the success of a campaign
– Best practices and international input
– Evaluation of success factors and transfer potential
– Ideas and learnings for your own activation

Market Intelligence Reports

As a trusted adviser and partner in sports and entertainment intelligence, Repucom provides through its MI Reports significant expertise in various topics of the sports business. The non-customised products offer outstanding value for money as the reports contain fundamental knowledge and analysis of the business. Click here to find our MI Reports.





La plus importante base de données mondiale consacrée au sponsoring


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