Golden State Warriors Renew Partnership with Repucom

Stamford, Conn. 12.03.14 – As the Golden State Warriors demonstrate prowess on the court this season, they are also making expert moves behind the scenes. The Warriors have renewed their partnership with Repucom to receive comprehensive insights about the value they deliver to their partners.

A global leader in sports marketing research and consulting, Repucom assists its client portfolio in making informed, value-based decisions in an increasingly competitive sports business market.
Repucom will continue to provide the Golden State Warriors with actionable insights around brand performance analysis, a benchmarking scorecard and industry best practices.

“Our main goal is to guide the Warriors on effectively understanding the value proposition they deliver to their partners as well as helping to demonstrate the impact those important associations carry in comparison to other teams and leagues,” said Peter Laatz, executive vice president, Repucom. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Warriors.”

“The data and insights provided by Repucom are unparalleled and incredibly valuable in working with our partners,” said Chip Bowers, chief marketing officer, Golden State Warriors. “We are excited and look forward to working with Repucom for a seventh consecutive season.”

Repucom provides services to the National Basketball Association and a number of its teams. Information about Repucom’s portfolio of integrated solutions can be found here.