Global Interest in the UEFA Champions League

UEFA-CL Interest 11

One day ahead of the UEFA Champions League Final 2014 in Lisbon between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, Repucom takes a look on the global interest regarding the UEFA Champions League. The UEFA Champions League final will be the climax of  the 2013/2014 UEFA Champions League season – millions of football fans all around the world will follow the event on television and on social media – but just how interested in the event or in football in general are the spectators?

Based on data from the representative Sports DNA survey across 23 countries, Repucom presents insights about the UEFA Champions League. In the 23 countries Repucom surveyed,  42 % are interested or very interested, 19 % are at least a little interested and only 29% are not interested in football. The survey also shows that 22 % of the people are interested in the UEFA Champions League.

Biggest interest in the UEFA Champions League: Age group from 16 to 29 years

Furthermore the survey shows that through all ages, the interest in the UEFA Champions League lies on an interest level between 19% and 23 %.


UEFA-CL InterestIt is also interesting to know that 31% of the women in Europe (8 countries surveyed) are interested in the Champions League compared to 58% of all men. The infographics shows, that the difference between men´s and women´s interest is on a similar standing across all the surveyed countries.