Ivan Basso outscores last year´s Giro d´Italia winner Vincenzo Nibali in awareness

The 2014 Giro d´Italia is halfway through, and the Australian cyclist Cadel Evans leads the table wearing the “Maglia Rosa”. One of the favorites, Italian superstar Ivan Basso is currently in 11th position in the ranking. Ahead of the 2014 Giro d´Italia, Repucom analysed the marketability of Basso and last year´s winner Vincenzo Nibali, who is not competing in this year´s Giro d´Italia, focusing all his efforts instead on the Tour de France.

Ivan Basso has high awareness levels in the Italy, with 6 in 10 people aware of him. Based on his Celebrity DBI score, Basso outperforms the median score across all attributes and is seen particularly as an influential and trend-setting personality.

Whilst his endorsement and influence scores are strong attributes, he lacks slightly on the extent to which people pay attention to him in the media. Compared to Vincenzo Nibali, Basso performs better in terms of awareness. Basso has a level of awareness double in comparison with Nibali (64 vs 31 Celebrity DBI awareness score). This is largely due to the length of time he has been in the public eye.


Basso.NibaliDespite Basso in Italy scoring higher in terms of public awareness, the 2013 Giro d´Italia winner Nibali scores are higher in terms of trust, endorsement, appeal, influence, breakthrough and aspiration. Whilst Nibali is mainly known of by cycling fans while Basso is known more by sports fan in general. In Italy, Basso’s scores are similar to that of Giorgio Di Centa, Luca Marin and Daniele Gallinari and Nibali’s scores are comparable to Marco Bellinelli, Cadel Evans, Alessandro Pittin and Theo Walcott.

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