Jose Mourinho a brand in his own right | The Telegraph

Jon Stainer | RepucomJose Mourinho is fast cementing his place as the most marketable manager in world football. With deals including Yahoo, Hublot, Jaguar and BT Sport, Repucom takes a look at the rise in Mourinho’s earning potential which was featured in this weekend’s Sunday Telegraph.

Jon Stainer, managing director of Repucom UK&I, said:

“Managers and coaches like Jose Mourinho are certainly very rare. His charisma and out spoken nature means he is never far from the headlines which when coupled with the success he has enjoyed throughout spells at some of football’s most iconic and well followed clubs, Mourinho offers sponsors a unique marketing opportunity.
“Mourinho is a respected, stylish and popular personality who transcends football and appeals to a wide ranging demographic.

“Almost 82% of people in the UK are aware of who Jose Mourinho is and it is that level of familiarity amongst the general population that makes him such an attractive prospect to sponsors. The very nature of his profession means he offers a voice of authority which is seen in people’s perceptions of him.

“Globally, 59% of people know of the Chelsea manager and whilst those figures fluctuate between countries like Spain (97%), China (52%) the US (12%), one thing that does remain high is people’s perceptions of the influence Mourniho has.

“For example, of the eight in every 10 people that know of Jose Mourhino in the UK, 82% say he is an influential brand spokesman and when he speaks, people certainly take note.”