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Live Music Sponsorship

We listen to it, stream it, buy it, download it, share it, play it, consume it live and react to it in all sorts of different ways. It stirs emotions and straddles territories; young or old, and across a multitude of genres, music provides a passion point for millions of people all over the world – and presents a valuable opportunity for brands and promoters to align themselves with significant groups of concert attendees or festival-goers.

Nielsen Sports´ first global Live Music Sponsorship report examines the changing face of the music industry and the sponsorship and activation opportunities around concerts, festivals, artists, venues and tours. The report focuses on five of the world’s largest music markets and on the 18-34 demographic, and considers the impact new technology is having on artists, promoters and music fans.

Celebrity DBI - Pharrell Williams

In the UK, Pharrell Williams is known by around 66 per cent of the population, of which 85 per cent say he is a trendsetter, according to Repucom’s Celebrity DBI Index. In fact, of all the eight metrics upon which his overall marketability is ranked, ‘Trendsetting’ is his highest. In the US too, of the 87 per cent of people that know of him, 75 per cent say he is a trendsetter, again the highest scoring of his eight marketability metrics.

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Live Music Sponsorship Report 2015 - Preview

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The report includes Nielsen Sports data and case studies from major music promoters and sponsors, and sections dedicated to:

    • Audience: Why an understanding of the music fan is a fundamental for potential sponsors, whether they are attending a concerts, travelling to a festival, watching an artist perform at a club or pub.
    • Media: How new media and social platforms are allowing music fans to consume and share more content from concerts and festivals, and where promoters and sponsors can capitalise.
    • Sponsorship: At festivals, concerts, venues or during tours, the report looks at the ways in which sponsors are finding effective ways to activate, either on-site or by reaching a wider audience through media channels.
    • Artists: As the business model underpinning the music industry evolves, how the world’s major artists are exploring new ways to connect with fans and generate revenues.

Live Music Sponsorship Global Revenue 2015 in $ billion

$3.2 billion
  • 48 % of the sponsorship revenues are allocated to the North American music landscape (artists incl. tours, venues, festivals etc.)
  • 27% Europe, 25% others.


Sponsorship spend by sector

Drinks, beer: 20%
Drinks, non-alcoholic: 13%
Drinks, spirits/wine: 9%
Banking: 8%
Fashion: 6%
Telecommunication: 5%

Source: Repucom Market Intelligence/SponsorGlobe