Liverpool Said to Seek More From Sponsors as Gerrard Out |

As Liverpool look to supercharge the second half of their season, Bloomberg explores the club’s international commercial potential and speaks to Repucom’s managing director UK&I, Jon Stainer.

As part of the article Stainer said: “Liverpool is undoubtedly one of the best followed football teams in the world. Their dominance in the late 1970s and early 1980s cemented their place in football’s history books. They remain England’s most successful team in European competitions and their global fan base is an illustration of just how much the club is still followed today.

“TV rights deals in recent years have opened up the Premier League to a global audience and as such, the sponsorship capabilities of its teams are much more varied than they once were. No longer is sponsorship of the Premier League’s top teams just about domestic exposure. Increasingly, clubs are becoming vehicles for sponsoring corporates from around the world, using the brand association of these teams to market to an international audience.

“Today, the global TV footprint of the Premier League offers brands exposure in a number of international markets, especially Asia.

“Globally, Liverpool are considered as having the 3rd largest international fan base of any Premier League team, with this followership most prominent in markets such as Thailand, India, Indonesia and China.

“This combination of engaged fans and heightened TV exposure for the league and its teams in Asia makes Liverpool an excellent sponsorship investment for companies from or looking to do business across the region.”


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