With our Market Analysis you can gain the latest insights into the sports business of individual countries or regions worldwide. We can search and analyse the sponsorship landscape in depth based on specific requirements. Researches range from identification of top sponsors/top properties to any kind of benchmarking or the evaluation of the total sports sponsorship volume. We can also provide further sports expertise in areas such as media rights, hospitality, merchandising or ticketing.

Our Sector Analysis focuses on the latest insights in selected industries worldwide. Using in-depth research and analysis we can identify the sponsorship budgets of key players in each industry sector. We can also highlight spending of each sector for different sports and provide indications of industry drivers, developments and trends, all according to client requirements.

Key insights

  • Top sponsors and their key engagements
  • Total sponsorship volume and spending per sector, sport or company
  • Sponsorship tools and activation case studies
  • Market or sector development and trends

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