» The analysis process and criteria is consistent, so the metrics are set up to be able to compare at any level

» At a micro level – within venues or sponsorships

» At a macro level – within  a sponsorship portfolio, sport, brand category, or market

» We analyze more sports content than any other provider and can give context on the values and trends and insights into performance

» Clients can purchase any cut of data within the product to suit their commercial requirements


» Detailed exposure data at the location level to understand the diagnostics of brand visibility that is delivered

» Number of Exposures
Time on Screen (Duration) Average
Exposure Length Average
Exposure Size Screen Location
Quality Index Score (QI)

» Utilize the depth of data to drive insights into how to maximize exposure and efficiency


»  100% Media Equivalency – Gross Advertising Equivalent

»  QI Media Value – Discounted by Quality on Screen

» The QI Methodology is available across all media types

Visual Evidence

» Every second of data reported is verifiable

» Images viewable via Visual Search


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