Music festivals offer brands an advertising platform all year round – Sponsorglobe 12/2013

Music festivals and concerts are increasingly becoming the focus of multi million euro endorsements. To date, two thirds of all Germans aged between 14-34 (approx. 16 million people) have attended a music concert or festival. In 2013, German festivals and concerts attracted approximately €21 million from live music sponsorship rights.

Amongst all sectors, beverage manufacturers generated the highest level of penetration. Young music fans were most familiar with brands such as Red Bull, Beck’s, Coca-Cola and Jägermeister as has been revealed in the latest edition of the Live Music Sponsorship Report 2013 by Repucom in cooperation with The Sponsor People.

The report illustrates how almost 90 percent of this demographic are aware of the festival Rock am Ring. Indeed, well know music festivals such as Rock am Ring and Glastonbury have established their own independent brands over the decades which not only serves to attract a specific audience, but as a result, also specific brands.

Germany’s young, festival going population are increasingly using social media and online channels to keep informed of their favourite music events. Here, 82 percent of the demographic are logging onto websites, following social media platforms and subscribing to email newsletters.


In turn, sponsors are increasingly finding themselves in a position of golden opportunity from which to activate their brands. Sponsors often utilise video and audio content as part of their vast array of activation options to engage more effectively with their primed audiences.

Results revealed in the Repucom SponsorLink UK study suggest that this is a trend reflected internationally.

For British citizens aged between 16-34, homepages of music sponsors have grown to become even more important sources of information on music events (22 percent) than newsletters from the musicians and bands themselves (12 percent). Social media communication is an essential component of the live festival experience for Brits too. Similar to the levels recorded in Germany, 59 percent of 16-34 year olds in Britain have attended a festival.

Click here to download further information on the Live Music Sponsorship Report 2013 by Repucom in cooperation with The Sponsor People (only available in German).