Nielsen Sports Team up with Sponserve

Nielsen Sports UK & Ireland has reached a collaboration agreement with SponServe, the world’s first dedicated sponsorship and inventory management platform. SponServe’s platform was specifically created to alleviate common challenges in partnership and inventory management; event delivery; reporting; governance; and protection against knowledge-loss experienced by both Rights Holders and Brands.

Nielsen Sports will work with SponServe on two fronts. Firstly, helping Rights Holders to reduce excessive administration, increase efficiency and therefore delivering better outcomes for sponsors. Secondly, to help Brands who employ sponsorship as a strategy, to manage their portfolio with greater efficiency and increased confidence and therefore drive maximum ROI.

The Rights Holder and the Brand systems can integrate with each other to provide a common sponsorship communication platform that provides all parties with increased governance and confidence. The system presents selected data from a Rights Holder’s system to the Brand’s system including, the fee, any value in kind, the total value of benefits to be delivered across partnerships, benefits delivered to date and benefits still to be utilised. In addition to this, Nielsen Sports will look to overlay SponServe’s platform tool with sponsorship market data giving the user a complete view of the sponsorship and assets.

We’re really delighted to be working with SponServe, one of the industry’s most forward thinking, young companies. Their recent expansion into the UK comes at a time when our clients are required to monitor and deliver more assets and more complex assets than ever before. There is clear demand for the kind of careful organisation that SponServe specialises in. We’re looking forward to collaborating with SponServe to drive better sponsorship decisions and maximise commercial revenue for our clients.

Jon Stainer, Managing Director, UK&I, Nielsen Sports

“We are really excited to work with such a globally recognised industry leader in Nielsen Sports. They have a fantastic team and the enthusiasm they are showing in being able to provide even more best practice approaches to the market is something that we are looking forward to delivering with them. The challenges of sponsorship and partnership professionals, both at rights holders and brands, are very similar and that’s why they need dedicated software that understands those challenges and helps solve them. The team at Nielsen Sports understand that as well and that’s why we know this partnership is the right move.”

Mark Thompson, Managing Director, SponServe Pty Ltd

For Rights Holders,  common pain points that SponServe can help alleviate include:

  1. Adjusting standard benefits by sponsor
  2. Generating a list of benefits to deliver by event
  3. Recording delivery of benefits with specific notes
  4. Managing activation information needed from sponsors
  5. Managing agreements over multiple years and visibility of invoice schedules
  6. Managing due and tracking received value in kind
  7. Over selling of inventory
  8. Protecting knowledge when staff turnover
  9. Quick sponsor updates by lead-proposal-confirmed
  10. Vision of benefits not yet delivered, distressed, expired and unsold inventory


For Brands, common pain points that SponServe can alleviate include:

  1. Being able to see benefits that have been delivered
  2. Conducting WIP meetings
  3. Ensuring objectives are known
  4. Managing benefits across multiple regions
  5. Sharing up to date files with rights holders – logos, style guides etc
  6. Tracking and measuring activation costs and value in kind
  7. Tracking the success and ROI of various sponsorships
  8. Understanding what rights holders need to activate our sponsorship
  9. Visibility of unused and delivered benefits
  10. Visibility of start and end dates

To hear more about SponServe’s capabilities please liaise with your Nielsen Sports account team or:

Charlie Prichard, Nielsen Sports UK & Ireland,

Alex Hay, SponServe UK,