Nike vs. Adidas – The latest social media figures

After Repucom took a look at the social media campaigns in advance of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, it´s now time to look at the performance since the world cup has started in June.

Andrew Walsh, Global Director of Enterprise Services and Global Football Expert at Repucom, said: “Every four years, the battle between these two giants in sportswear comes to a head. The attention the month long FIFA World Cup commands means that globally it offers a vehicle for football brand activation like no other.”

“The extent to which these huge brands are able to utilize social media means that as a measure of exposure and influence, sites like Facebook do allow us to see where the biggest traction for the two companies is, based on a number of indicators.”

Adidas is able to use its status as “official partner” 

Peter Dopkin, Sr. Director of Digital at Repucom continued: “Now the FIFA World Cup has got underway we are really starting to see adidas flex its ‘official status‘ muscle.

“Both Nike and adidas have increased their fan base on Facebook by 1.1m people so far in June. To adidas who have fewer Facebook fans than Nike however, this increase represents a greater jump.

“Since the tournament began, adidas has generated 43% more Facebook Likes than Nike and has seen their overall total increase 3.7% in just two weeks.

A hard fight for the Brazilian market

“Despite Nike‘s sponsorship of the Brazilian National Team, adidas continues to own that market with over 2.6 million more Likes than Nike accounting for over 21% of adidas‘ total Facebook Likes since the wolrd cup started. In Brazil, during the first two weeks of the World Cup adidas‘ has increased their Likes by 7.7% to over 4 million.“

“Additionally, adidas has been able to capitalize on their sponsorship of superstar Lionel Messi who is associated with 10% of all #AllIn tweets, adidas‘ hashtag for the tournament. The bigget spikes for the hashtag were on June 21st when Messi scored the game winner against Iran and on June 24th, which was Messi‘s birthday. On the 24th, 37% of #AllIn tweets were about Messi.”

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Nike vs Adidas

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