Number of Sochi Tweets & Sentiment Shift

Number of Sochi Tweets approach 10 million as sentiment shifts

London, 14 February 2014 – The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are in full swing – to date in February over 9.2 million tweets have been sent globally regarding the Games, according to Repucom’s digital services.

Spikes of interest around the opening ceremony and subsequent events show the dramatic increase in online chatter. Globally, the day of the opening ceremony generated 1.48 million tweets whilst the first day of the events generated slightly fewer Tweets at 1.41 million.

Repucom searched Twitter traffic, analyzing key words such as Sochi, Sochi2014, Winter Games, Winter Olympics, as well as the specific sports the athletes are competing in.

Since the beginning of February, in the UK there have been 335,929 tweets sent but it is the content of these mentions and discussions which is perhaps most interesting.

Ben Pincus of Repucom UK commented “Social media and in this case more specifically, Twitter, allows us to monitor, quantify and qualify social discourse where we wouldn’t have been able to before. Sochi as an example offers us a glimpse into how discourse changes amongst a population and how this tone shifts.

“It is not so much always the quantity of Tweets but the sentiment of this social interaction which makes Sochi stand out. Topics which would perhaps usually revolve around athletes and events before the games instead included much more focused on the political landscape. It will be reassuring for sponsors and organisers alike to see however that the sports and events of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games are now being the most discussed topics.

“It is useful to think of the digital sphere in this way however as not so much a ‘digital revolution’ but a ‘fan revolution’. We are seeing a reversal of the asymmetry of power between rights holders, brands and fans as a result.”

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