Oscars 2014: Which Nominees Are Most Valuable?


TIME magazine analyses the most likeable nominees in the run up to this year’s Oscars with the help of Celebrity DBI, Repucom’s leading celebrity index tool. Indeed, ahead of the star studded event, several celebrities are more suitable to fulfill the role as a testimonial or endorser than others.

repucom oscars

Kathy Gardner, spokesperson of the Celebrity DBI explains why even minor awareness levels of celebrities can be advantageous. “What you see with people with low awareness scores, you tend to see that their scores are higher. If only 10% of the population knows that person, chances are that those are the niche film followers. They know [Lupita Nyong’o] for her Oscar-nominated performance, so they’re more likely to have a higher opinion” explains Gardner. “The more people who know someone, the more likely you are to get the outliers”


Source: Time Entertainment, February 26, 2014, by Lily Rothman