European Football Kit Supplier Report 2014




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With more than five million jerseys sold and revenue from kit supplier deals to the extent of EUR 163 mill., the English Premier League still remains the most prolific and most marketable division amongst the European top five leagues in 2013/14. In addition to the English top flight, the German Bundesliga, the French Ligue 1, the Italian Serie A and the Spanish Primera División have been analysed in the new Kit Supplier Report 2014. In season 2013/14, the combined jersey sales of all top five leagues have reached a new maximum amounting to nearly 13 mill. replicas. Likewise, new kit supplier deals signed ahead of 2013/14 account for the highest amount of total income from kit supplier sponsorships in football history. These are just a few of the findings detailed in the third edition of Repucom’s European Football Kit Supplier Report 2014 compiled in collaboration with PR Marketing.

Repucom and PR Marketing’s full Kit Supplier Report 2014 is a reflective view of the growth of the kit supplier industry based on teams of the top five European leagues. The report also looks in detail at Europe’s top 20 teams by revenue during the 2012/13 season and includes information on the 2013/14 UEFA Champions League teams regarding sponsorship, expenditure, shirt sales and market shares. In addition, the report delivers insights into trends and developments in the kit supplier scene and touches on the subject of kit supplier endorsement deals providing rich information about the top brands’ investments in their endorsees.