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Stamford, Conn. 05.25.2016 – The world of competitive video gaming, also known as eSports, is growing in popularity, prize money and sponsorship support. Repucom is working with industry stakeholders to better understand the commercial challenges and opportunities surrounding this global phenomenon.

ESL launched the global 24/7 eSports TV channel, esportsTV, this month; and ELEAGUE, created by Turner and WME|IMG, made its debut this week in the U.S.

ELEAGUE is the first dedicated eSports series on national television in the U.S., providing unprecedented exposure through live event coverage on television and streamed online. Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams are competing for more than one million dollars in prize money. Sponsors like Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Credit Karma are among the official marketing partners.

“It’s rare to have the opportunity to be involved in an emerging ‘sport’ with so much market momentum and potential. While the opportunity can be risky, if strategically positioned, it can be highly rewarding. The eSports fan segment is unique and behaves differently than traditional sport fans requiring brands to understand and approach this consumer in a way that is relevant and will resonate across multiple platforms,”
said Renee Plato, Senior Vice President of Media & Entertainment, Repucom.

Repucom’s SportsDNA research shows that eSports can serve as an effective category for brands to engage with a predominantly 16-30 year old male demographic in the U.S. market, with 92% of eSports fans under age 50 and 47% under age 30. Of those interested in eSports, 68% are male.

Commercially relevant behaviors of eSports fans in the U.S. stand out from the general public and traditional sports fans.

    • eSports fans are 148% more likely to actively inform themselves about brands engaged as a sponsor than the general public and are on average 73% more likely than fans of traditional sports to do so.
    • When price and quality are the same, eSports fans are 74% more likely than the general public to choose a sponsor’s product over a competing brand. Given the unique and emerging nature of this category, these metrics are more favorable than general sports.
    • eSports fans are 43% more likely than the general public and 15% more likely than general sports fans to say that companies involved in sponsoring sport appeal to them.
  • eSports fans have a higher interest in film, live music and fashion than the general public and fans of traditional sports.
“Because of our extensive experience in venue and event valuations, sponsorship consulting, multiplatform media tracking and fan segmentation studies, clients are approaching Repucom to help them better understand the eSports fan, navigate the ideal point of entry for sponsor engagement, and maximize their eSports strategy,”
said Plato.

The rapid growth of eSports is among the top commercial trends in sports and entertainment identified by Repucom. A free insight report may be downloaded at Organizations interested in Repucom’s Connected Solutions in e-Sports may contact Renee Plato at for more information.

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