Repucom on board with Powerboat P1

Repucom Powerboat P1

London, 11.05.2015 – P1 Powerboat, the world’s largest marine motorsport brand, has renewed its partnership with sports intelligence experts, Repucom.

The extension of this long running relationship sees Repucom providing a number of solutions to monitor and analyse the exposure of all P1 events.

Comprehensive TV media evaluation of all theP1 Superstock and P1 AquaX races across the UK and US will be conducted, helping to paint a better picture of the exposure the events achieve, both sides of the Atlantic.

James Durbin, CEO, Powerboat P1, said: “The global reputation and quality of analysis that Repucom provides ensures credibility with our partners and a solid foundation from which to develop and improve our commercial strategy. This has played a significant role in our sustained growth in year-on-year broadcast audiences in traditional and digital media as well as sponsorship and host venue revenues.”

Steve Troon, head of Motorsport, Repucom, said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to build on the work we’ve done, and partnership we’ve established with the Powerboat P1 team over the past years.  This is a series that’s really going places, and so it’s especially rewarding to be able to support their commercial growth as they expand the Championship not just into new geographic territories, but also in terms of the media platform it offers their partners.”

As well as this, 30 of Powerboat P1’s key partners will also have their brand exposure monitored with results being fed back to P1 Powerboats directly through Repucom’s new Denote service.

The exclusive online client log-in portal looks to revolutionise client reporting, providing partners with an easy to use monitoring and analytics services, opening up access to data as it is recorded.