England skipper out-scores Welsh rival when in comes to public perception.

London, 06/03/2013 With arguably the biggest match of the RBS Six Nations Championship taking place at Twickenham this Sunday, Repucom’s Celebrity DBI shows that Chris Robshaw has landed an early blow to the visitors by winning the endorsement battle with Wales captain Sam Warburton.

The Celebrity DBI research shows Robshaw outscores his Welsh counterpart in all 8 categories most notably in ‘Appeal’ and ‘Aspiration’. When compared to other celebrities, Robshaw’s score of 70.94 for Appeal puts him well ahead of Warburton (66.01) and even England football captain Steven Gerrard (61.45).

He is identified as an effective endorser for products by the general public who know of him with a score of 68.81, putting him alongside the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Lee Westwood and Michael Owen.

However, the figures do show that both players have relatively low levels of awareness, which lessens their impact on groups of people who are not interested in Rugby Union.

Repucom’s Head of Strategic Product Innovation, Charlie Dundas, said: “Although Robshaw scores more highly than Warburton, both players are in the upper reaches of the scores for all the categories. These impressive scores make them effective spokespeople for brands with high levels of trustworthiness and aspiration.

“However, the relatively poor awareness levels for both mean that for brands looking to endorse products outside of Rugby Union, they may face a challenge. In order to grow their appeal to potential sponsors, it’s clear that both of the individuals would benefit from profile building activities that put them in the view of the general public.

“Although on this occasion, it is the English captain who comes out on top, we look forward to seeing who wins on the pitch this Sunday.”

Download the text as pdf-file here:  ENG vs WAL Battle of the captains DBI.

ENG vs WAL Battle of the captains DBI