Shaquille O`Neal is Still Scoring in Retirement

Shaquille O´Neal, former NBA-Superstar who is not only known for his oustanding performances and achievements as one of the NBA´s greatest players ever but also for his joking behavior and funny quotes, became even more successful as an endorser after retiring from the basketball court.

Normally an athlete’s endorsement income fades after retirement; O’Neal’s is expanding, thanks to the force of his personality and the chance he gets to share it every week on TNT. According to consumer surveys by sports marketing research agency Repucom, O’Neal’s fame has dipped only slightly since he stopped playing. His recognition was down from 97 percent in 2009 to 93 percent last year—still on par with Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson. His appeal and influence scores, though, have increased. “It can keep going and going and going,” Rogers says of the Shaq machine.

“We’re in the fun business,” says Perry Rogers, who has represented O’Neal as an agent since 2001. With his partner Colin Smeeton, Rogers looks for products and brands O’Neal can present with a wink. Shaq the big fun kid is the foundation for a growing portfolio of sodas, sedans, speakers, suits, shoes, jewelry, lotions, and balms.

Staying true to himself might be the key for his success. Every endorsement deal is done with an eye for fit. “I want to be on the cover of Frosted Flakes,” he says, “Wheaties calls all the time. I never ate Wheaties growing up. I’m a Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops guy”.

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