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In the Sochi News section of the Sochi Hub we are providing insights and expert opinion on the games held in Sochi, Russia this year. Throughout 2014, we will be focusing on some of the world’s biggest sports events and providing information and access to a host of sports intelligence data, insights and trends. As global leaders in sports marketing research, Repucom will provide a host of information on the games and winter sports in general. To find out more, please follow the links of the Sochi News Section.

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Ligety Sets Olympic Skiing Marks With Victory in Giant Slalom | Bloomberg News

Skiing Freestyle Repucom Wintersport Sochi“Ligety is known by 15 percent of the U.S. population, according to Stamford, Connecticut-based Repucom’s Celebrity DBI data. His total personality score, including likability, inspiration and awareness, is second among U.S. alpine skiers behind Miller.”

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Twitter fans Dutch Olympic Games Sochi Medalists
What kind of leverage can successfull athletes at Sochi use for their social media accounts? Repucom Netherland took a close look at the Dutch stars of Sochi 2014 and found a huge increase due to the coverage they received at this years Winter Olympics.







Bode Miller, Shaun White Eclipsed by New Olympics Generation | Bloomberg News

Sochi 2014 Repucom “Repucom, a global sports market research agency, said there has been much more worldwide conversation focused on Kotsenburg than Miller during the Sochi Games. There were 129,121 posts on Feb. 6-13 that mentioned Kotsenburg, with 94 percent coming from Twitter. There were 36,311 posts during that same period that mentioned Miller, according to Repucom statistics.”

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Snowboarders Are Olympic Heroes. So When Will Skateboarding Get Some Olympics Love? |

Snowboarder Repucom Wintersport“Skateboarding, by contrast, is highly relatable to the masses—the youth masses in particular. “The competitors dress just like the kids in the audience or watching from home,” says Jacki. “They wear the same sneakers, they’re wearing the same clothes, they’re listening to the same music.” And it seems like the Olympics is in need of more events to appeal to the young. According to research by Repucom, of the 65% of Americans who say they planned on watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the majority are over the age of 55. The smallest demographic tuning into the games is the 18- to 34-year-old age group.”

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White, Miller most recognizable U.S. athletes | SportsBusiness Daily

Snowboard Wintersport Repucom“According to Repucom, 63 percent of the general U.S. population is, at the very least, aware of White. His score peaked in March 2010 with 76 percent awareness, shortly after winning his second Olympic gold medal at the Vancouver Games. His score has fallen since Vancouver.”

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Olympic audience skews older; Visa most recognized sponsor | SportsBusiness Daily

Video Wall repucom “Out of the 65 percent of American adults who plan to watch the Sochi Olympics, most will be over 55 years of age, while the 18- to 34-year-old demographic will make up the smallest fraction of the adult audience, according to research by Repucom.

Repucom reports that 37 percent of adults polled that are 55 and over said they plan to watch the Winter Games, while just 31 percent of those between 18 and 34 said the same. This is typical, as the average Olympic viewer is slightly older than the average sports fan. “

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Bode Miller Has Family Tragedy as Motivation at 5th Olympics | Bloomberg News

Skiing Wintersport Sochi Repucom“Miller is second only to snowboarder Shaun White in name recognition among members of the U.S. team in Sochi, according to Repucom, a global sports market research agency. Miller’s awareness rate among Americans is 54 percent, Repucom says, while White is at 63 percent. Miller scores below the median on trustworthiness, though, with just 51 percent of respondents saying they trust him.”

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Interest of the Winter Olympics in Russia is the highest globally | Repucom

Sochi Repucom public interest Russia“Maxim Kleiman, Sales & Account Manager Eastern Europe Repucom, said: “The Winter Olympics in Sochi are certainly getting people talking. Interest levels as a whole are up compared to the build up ahead of the Vancouver Games in 2010. Interest levels for the Winter Games have always been high amongst Russians and there is no real surprises that interest among the public is the highest globally, as the country gears up to host the Games.”

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Interest of the Winter Olympics in the UK is up by 6 percentage points | Repucom

Public interest level in UK of the Winter Olympic Games“Mike Wragg, Head of Market Research at REPUCOM said: “For an event which is potentially one of the most expensive sporting events hosted to date, one would assume that Sochi would be at the forefront of everyone’s mind at the moment.For a participating nation such as the UK, where the Winter Games are not as well followed as they are in most other European nations, this rise is however surprising.”

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Marketability: Sidney Crosby gets the gold, other Olympians may boost their stock at Sochi | Yahoo!Sports Canada

Ice Hockey Wintersport Repucom Sochi 2014“With 95% of 500 Canadian respondents in a recent poll being able to tell you who he is, Crosby is by far the most recognizable among a group of athletes whose marketability is being measured and monitored as the 2014 Olympic Games come and go.

Celebrity DBI, (Davie-Brown Index) is a data tabulation tool being employed by a company called Repucom Canada, which claims it is an effective tool in measuring the marketing power of personalities in the public eye. Repucom has selected twenty Olympians across a wide range of disciplines and scored them in what the company considers eight key areas: Awareness, appeal, aspiration, breakthrough, endorsement, influence, trend-setting and trust.”

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Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics: The Who, What, And How Of American Viewership |

Video Wall repucom“Thanks to data supplied by RepuCom, we have some insights as to what American television viewers will be watching and noticing during the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.


– 65% of U.S. adults (or nearly 158 million folks) will watch some of the Olympics;

– And among those watching, the most watched events will be Figure Skating (93 million), Ski Jumping (79 million), and then Speed Skating, Bobsled, Alpine Skiing, and Snowboarding all range between 63-68 million expected viewers.”

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Shaun White goes for the gold – twice – in Sochi | Sports Illustrated .com

Snowboarder Repucom Wintersport”All these competitors in slopestyle, they haven’t really had to deal with me,” he says. ”I’m hoping I can surprise them a little bit. Show them something new.”
It’s always something new with him.
Clothing lines. Snowboard gear. Mountain bikes. Gum flavors.
Put them all together, and it’s no wonder White has a 63 percent awareness among the general population, according to a survey by the global marketing research firm, Repucom. Seventy-four percent of people aware of White identify him as a trendsetter and 81 percent say he is influential in today’s society; that’s about the same number as Usain Bolt.”

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