Social Media Insights – UEFA Champions League Final 2014

UEFA Champions League final social mediaThe 2014 UEFA Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid is in the books. Real Madrid was able to take home its 10th Champions League Trophy, the long desired “Décima” after an exciting match in Lisbon. Repucom analyzed the social media activities of and around the clubs as well as the engagement of the fans during the weekend of UEFA Champions League Final.

Social Media Buzz – More than 3,9 million posts

The total buzz during the weekend of the final was impressive. More than 3,9 million posts were produced on Facebook and Twitter with more than 12 billion possible impressions only on Twitter. The keyword set Repucom used to identify the social media buzz: “UEFA Champions League, Champions League, UEFA CL, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid”.

During the UEFA Champions League Final Weekend, Real Madrid gained 493 931 new Facebook fans, while Atletico gained 280 939 new fans. On Twitter, 84 439 people started to follow Real Madrid and Atletico increased their follower count by 31 168 twitter handles. This seems to be a clear win for Real, but looking on the percentages, Atletico increased their numbers by 5.26% (Facebook) and 3.92% (Twitter) compared to Real with 0.76% (Twitter) and 0.80% (Facebook).

Looking at the fan engagement on Facebook, we can see a big difference between both teams. Real fans obviously were very euphoric about the Décima. On their offical fanpage Real Madrid was able to gain more than 10 million likes, 216 000 comments and 567 748 shares during the weekend of the final.

More than 10 million likes on Real Madrid fanpage posts


UEFA Champions League final social mediaReal Madrid with a successful social media campaign

The top 5 mentions and hashtags show that Real Madrid´s social media campaign was successful. Their hashtag #aporladecima was mentioned more than 96 000 times, the third most,  while #halamadrid was found more than 130 000 times. With that figure, #halamadrid was the second most used hashtag in the keyword set “UEFA Champions League” as discussed above. Real Madrid was the number one mention on Twitter, followed by @atleti and @cristiano.


UEFA Champions League final social media