Social Media Valuation | Brand Exposure

Nielsen Sports has developed a social media valuation methodology that combines two components to put a media equivalency value on social media content. One component is based on brand exposure and the other on the brand engagement. This methodology enables brands, rights holders, athletes and broadcasters to understand the growing importance of media value generated through social and digital.

Here we explain the first, Brand Exposure. Take a look at the video below to get a better idea of how we track brands in social media content.

Social Media Valuation

Tracking brands in social media content provides part of the first element in calculating Brand Exposure, the Exposure Factor. To calculate Brand Exposure, Repucom uses the following methodology:


Reach: The unique reach of posts, tweet or video (i.e., text, image, video) on a social media channel (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

Repucom has invested significantly to establish a methodology that estimates an accurate post reach for Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.



The price to serve 1000 digital ad impressions on given channel (i.e., Web, Mobile, Social Media).

Repucom has partnered with a third-party to provide CPM’s to ensure Social Media Valuation is accurate across multiple channels.



Exposure Factor: The quality of the exposure (i.e., position, size, format, length of time shown (in video)) in any possible form (i.e., copy, image, video).

Social Media Valuation methodology uses Repucom’s tried & tested Media Evaluation technology & process that has been a market leader for 8 years.

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