Sponsorglobe 02/2014 – A Global Showcase: Super Bowl XLVIII

American Football Repucom Super Bowl XLVIIIAmerica’s love affair with the Super Bowl is unrivaled amongst sports events in the US and this year’s competition was no exception. Indeed, according to Repucom’s SponsorLink, when asked about the top sporting events they never want to miss watching, 30% of Americans rank the Super Bowl first, which is three times more than that of the next event, the BCS National Championship game, another American Football competition.

Denver Broncos with higher media exposure

Played annually, the Super Bowl is held between the champions of the National and the American Football Conferences and is one of the most highly-anticipated and important sporting events for the US sponsorship industry.

This year on 3rd February, the Seattle Seahawks soundly defeated the Denver Broncos by an unexpectedly large margin, winning the game 43-8 and giving the Seahawks their first ever Super Bowl victory.

Before the game however, one would be forgiven for thinking that the Broncos were perhaps the favorites, the team certainly were the frontrunners in terms of media exposure. In the US, the Broncos’ backdrop used during press conferences enjoyed six times the exposure on ESPN’s Sports Center (the most exposure of any NFL team) during the pre and regular season than the Seahawks. This was reflected on the bets made ahead of the showdown. The Sports Business Journal reported that bettors lost $19.7 million in Nevada alone, which actually accounts for only 1 percent of money wagered worldwide.

Super Bowl XLVIII created 36 billion Twitter impressions

As a result of the sport’s notability in the US, fandom is central to the industry. Since joining the Broncos two years ago, Manning’s effect on the team’s fan base has been impressive with a 125% growth in the number of fans that identify the Broncos as their favorite team. When Russell Wilson joined the Seattle Seahawks during the same period, the team saw an increasing of a whopping 262% growth of their fan base.

Due to its popularity, social media activity around the game was strong. Between 17 January and 4 February, there were 10,848,643 posts globally about the game on various social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. This volume of traffic resulted in 36 billion Twitter impressions alone.

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