Joseph Eapen on the importance of sponsorship evaluation – The Bombay Stocke Exchange Magazine, April 2014

Bombay Stock ExchangeBOMBAY, India –  Joseph Eapen, Repucom´s Senior Vice President – South Asia, was published with an article on the importance of sponsorship evaluation in The Bombay Stock Exchange Magazine – Forum Views, April 2014. Eapen, who is responsible for introducing and developing Repucom´s products and services across South Asia, talks about the growing Sports Sponsorship Market in India and the high importance of Sponsorship Evaluation.

“In a country as obsessed with sports (also beyond cricket) as India, Sports Sponsorship Evaluation is the foundation of all relevant information, public perception and to-the-minute statistics. With finances of this magnitude and the fervent passions of an entire nation in stake, a sustained and reliable inflow of premium information and analytics is of crucial importance.”

Eapen explains that evaluation helps clubs, teams, franchise owners or sponsors to better understand the returns of sponsorships and  to provide a frame of reference for future projects and aids in the planning process.  Repucom´s services such as Media Evaluation, Research & Analysis and the Celebrity DBI are introduced to the Indian market as well as the company´s history and experience of 25 years in the field of  Sports Marketing Research.

“Media evaluation and audit involves constant surveillance on sporting ventures, cutting-edge media monitoring and analytics to determine the nature, impact and presence of sports sponsorships for individual types of sports, across multiple broadcast environments across various cultures, geographies and investment markets.”

It is also mentioned that the Celebrity DBI was already used for Indian stars like Arvind Kerjiwal, NarendraModi or Rahul Gandhi. Eapen points out that using celebrities to endorse products can have a huge influence on customers and that the celebrity evaluation services provided by Repucom deliver important information to maximze the celebrity brand impact.

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