SportsPro Live 2015 | Repucom official partner

Earlier in the month, Repucom partnered with SportsPro for their exclusive ‘Live’ event. Taking place at Arsenal’s Emirates stadium, the daylong event pulled together the leading professionals and experts from all over the world of sport. During the event, Managing Director of Repucom UK&I, Jon Stainer was joined on stage by Repucom’s Head of Digital, Max Barnett and together they delivered a seminar on the latest developments in Social Media and Digital Valuation.

With growth in reliance on digital services to better qualify and quantify fan engagement and deliver value back, not only within sport but also entertainment; both rights holders and brands are continually pushing to maximise the value of their assets and properties through this medium. During the seminar we provided insights based on our industry leading methodological approach and also gave best practice examples of how digital valuation is helping to shape increasingly diverse marketplaces.

To re-emphasise the power of great ambassador activation; when Tag Heuer and Cristiano Ronaldo partnered to launch there #DontCrackUnderPressure campaign, within two days over 2.4 million “likes” were generated for Tag Heuer related posts. This equated to an estimated 34.92 million Facebook views with a value of value of $380K for the brand.

As well as holding our afternoon workshop, we still managed to participate in what was a very insightful day. Here’s a summary of our key themes from the day:

Women and Sport continues to be a hot topic, with participation being the main priority. Sport England representative Nick Bitel, discussed how research shows women feel judged when participating in sport, this is what led to the launch of the campaign ‘This Girl Can’. Bitel also went on to suggest that we need more diversity in sport, especially with regards to women.

There are 2 million less females than male participants in sport in the UK, this clearly points out that there is still a need to show more women’s sport, while celebrating those that do participate. A changed perception of how people view women participating in sport would lead to increased participation, which then would create fandom, which is of course in the long term interest of broadcasters, rights holders and brands as it increases the customer pool and therefore traction of sports. Ellie Goulding has recently partnered with Nike in a campaign that celebrates women’s fitness. This is a great example that places emphasis on how celebrities can positively influence involvement in sport. Our own research points out this very point:

‘Culture beats strategy’. The world of sport and entertainment has rapidly become more global and interconnected than ever before. Stars like Lebron James are entertainment celebrities beyond just sport. Besides being an exceptional athlete, he is also a successful business man and philanthropist; this therefore has increased his marketability and appeal too. Ariel Emanuel, Co-CEO of WME & IMG suggests “integration and alignment in the business of sport is a key dynamic to success”. It’s crucial that brands, agencies and rights holders have crystal clear objectives in order to deliver results. Understanding the way athletes and celebrities are perceived remains vital to realising their marketing potential. Something Repucom’s Celebrity DBI tool is for around the world.