Looking Forward: Super Bowl 50 Looks To Engage With Hard-To-Reach Millennial Fan Base

Super Bowl 50 will be a celebration of history and also a glimpse into the future. Repucom has suggested that based on specific elements of this year’s event, it will likely appeal to one of the most sought after but hard to reach demographics, Millennials.

Social Responsibility at Super Bowl 50

The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has set out to make Super Bowl 50 “the most giving Super Bowl ever” by donating 25% of all corporate partnerships raised to San Francisco Bay Area charities.

Michael Lynch, head of consulting for Repucom North America, said,

“Social and ethical causes are big drivers of consumer sentiment among Millennials. Repucom FanDNA™ research shows that the majority of Millennials think more highly of a company that supports a social cause, and therefore are more likely to purchase from a company that supports a cause they care about.”

The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee created the 50 Fund to make grants to organizations focusing on closing the opportunity gap for children, youth and their families living in low-income communities.

“We recognize the responsibility and honor that comes along with hosting Super Bowl 50,”
said Keith Bruce, CEO of the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee.

“This is a golden opportunity to unite Bay Area communities and make a positive impact that will last for years to come.”

Millennials both in the US and around the world are more interested in social themes than the general population, and nearly 70% are interested in environmental protection, according to Repucom’s SportsDNA™ fan tracking study.

The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee initiated a Net Positive plan to minimize Super Bowl 50’s impact on climate change and promote responsible use of materials, and host venue Levi’s Stadium has been recognized for its sustainable practices such as utilizing solar panels to provide energy for the facility, collecting recycled water to irrigate the field, and featuring a rooftop garden to provide insulation and limit water run-off.

Super Bowl 50 to be the “most giving” and “most connected” Super Bowl ever


Repucom research suggests Super Bowl 50 will resonate with hard-to-reach Millennials because:


think more highly of companies that support a social cause


are more likely to purchase from companies that support a cause


use the internet and 80% engage on social media while watching sports

Most Connected Super Bowl in History

While promoting social responsibility and a connection to the environment, Super Bowl 50 will also support growing social connection – an integral part of Millennials’ sports experiences. The combination of worldwide television broadcasts from NFL partners and free online streaming on CBSSports.com will allow more people than ever before to watch the game live. Facebook launched its Facebook Sports Stadium just in time for fans to experience Super Bowl 50 together in real time, regardless of where they are.

Lynch says the timing is right for the Facebook Sports Stadium because the majority of Millennials are already taking part in online or mobile activities while watching sporting events.

“Millennials are master multi-taskers, and a big sporting event like the Super Bowl provides an opportunity for them to engage on second and third screens while keeping up with the action,” said Lynch. “In the United States, nearly 90% go on the Internet and 80% use social media while watching sports on television.”

Overall use of mobile devices to access sports information has grown +14% in the past two years with 70% of millennial NFL fans around the world accessing sports information via smartphones and tablets.

Those fans with tickets to see Super Bowl 50 will be able to stay connected in real time as well.  Levi’s Stadium, located in the Silicon Valley of California, is surrounded by global technology companies like SAP, Apple, Hewlett Packard, Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Intel and others, and offers among the best Wi-Fi and cellular access of any sporting venue in the world.

Super Bowl 50 is on Sunday, February 7 with the Carolina Panthers taking on the Denver Broncos.