Super Bowl 50 Host Committee Community Impact Study Highlights Positive Impact on San Francisco Bay Area

San Mateo, Calif. 04.21.2016 – Independent research by Repucom found that Super Bowl 50 generated a positive impact for the San Francisco Bay Area community. The regional study explored residents’ attitudes toward Super Bowl 50 related events, and interest in hosting future major sporting events. The results could serve to help future Bay Area-related host committees as they organize efforts to attract marquee events.

Repucom’s survey found that 65% of the 5.7M San Francisco Bay Area adults, ages 18+ gave Super Bowl 50 a positive performance rating while only 8% viewed it negatively. For people who attended at least one event related to Super Bowl 50, the performance rating rose to 84% positive. Traffic was the top issue citied by residents who experienced an inconvenience.

The majority of Bay Area residents said they believed that Super Bowl 50 increased tourism, created local business opportunities, and displayed the Bay Area’s commitment to giving back.

Super Bowl 50 ranked as the favorite major event in the Bay Area in the past year at 51% and was almost three times more popular than the next event, San Francisco’s annual Fleet Week.

Super Bowl 50 Event Participation

Repucom concluded that one-third of Bay Area adults (1.9 million) attended at least one Super Bowl 50 related event in the region. The highest-attended event was Super Bowl City (1.1 million), the free fan village hosted by the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee, the Bay Area organization tasked with preparing the region for Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl 50’s emphasis on social responsibility and social connection appealed with one of the most sought after but difficult to reach demographics – Millennials. Of those who participated in Super Bowl 50 related events, 50% were Millennials and 38% were families with children. Overall participation was 52% female and 48% male.

Giving back

The Bay Area’s commitment to giving back was at the forefront of residents’ minds with 84% saying it is important for major events to give back to the community, a finding that could prove to be a critical factor for future events.

According to San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee CEO & President Keith Bruce, Bay Area non-profits received $13 million from the 50 Fund, making Super Bowl 50 easily the “most giving Super Bowl ever.”

“A key goal of this Super Bowl was to build a legacy that lasted well beyond the game. The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee created the 50 Fund to make grants to organizations focusing on closing the opportunity gap for children, youth and their families living in low-income communities in the San Francisco Bay Area,” said Bruce.

Future Sporting Events

Bay Area residents reported they are highly receptive to bringing future sporting events to the region. According to the community impact study, 64% of adults said it is important to host major sporting events in the Bay Area. Respondents cited the importance of job creation, economic benefits, legacy impacts, community spirit and pride, and the promotion of the Bay Area as a tourist destination globally.

Of those surveyed by Repucom, 93% said that events should bring jobs and money into the area, 91% said major events should have a legacy impact with communities benefiting after the event is over, 90% of residents said that a major event should enhance community spirit pride and enjoyment, and 88% said major events should promote what the Bay Area has to offer to potential U.S. and international visitors.

“Groups looking to attract and plan major events should take notice that social factors should be considered as much as economics,” said Michael Lynch, head of Consulting for Repucom North America. “The Super Bowl 50 Host Committee’s emphasis on social responsibility and engagement clearly resonated with Bay Area residents through participation levels and post-event performance ratings.”

Hosting another Super Bowl topped the list of future sporting events Bay Area residents want to see come to the region. Forty-five percent of residents want a Super Bowl, with 43% desiring an Olympics, 32% an MLB All-Star Game, and 31% the NBA All-Star Game.

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