The Big Event: Attract, Plan, Execute

Super Bowl 50 stands to be the most giving and most sharing in the history of the NFL, according to Keith Bruce, CEO and President of the San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl Host Committee.

Super Bowl 50 Panel

L to R: Scott Horowitz, Keith Bruce, Michael O’Hara Lynch

Bruce joined Michael O’Hara Lynch, Repucom’s Head of North American Consulting joined for a panel discussion titled “The Big Event: Attract, Plan, Execute” on July 9 at the Corporate Ticket Impact Conference in San Francisco, California.

The San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl Host Committee has committed 25% of all corporate pledges and private contributions to go toward charitable causes in the region, according to Bruce.

“We created the 50 Fund to make Super Bowl 50 the most philanthropic and giving Super Bowl ever,” he said.

The 50 Fund –  philanthropy as important factor

The 50 Fund is already awarding grants to programs focused on youth development, community investment and sustainable environments.

“One of the first goals was to recognize the responsibility and honor that comes along with hosting Super Bowl 50,” said Bruce. “It’s a huge opportunity to have the eyes of the world on our region and we want our community to benefit from it.”

Lynch, who served on the Super Bowl 50 Bid Committee, said that Repucom research showed that philanthropy was an important factor in community acceptance of hosting such a major event.

Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara –  hi-tech sporting facility

Super Bowl 50 will be held in February of 2016 at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California, one of the most hi-tech sporting facilities in the world. With Wi-Fi hotspots for every 100 seats, fans will be encouraged to share Super Bowl experiences.

Social media and social responsibility emerged as important factors for hard-to-reach millennials during community research.

“Having Repucom research at our fingertips helped us focus our marketing efforts and be smart with our messages to promote Super Bowl 50,” said Bruce.

Lynch added, “Super Bowl 50 will hands down be the biggest event of the year in the U.S., it is going to make us proud to be from the Bay Area.”

“We hope to deliver the best Super Bowl in the history of the NFL,” said Bruce.