Tiger’s absence: Good news for competing players and brands

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London/ Augusta, 02/04/14 – With Tiger Woods announcing his withdrawal from this year’s Masters, a shift in the landscape of broadcast coverage and sponsor exposure will occur, Repucom suggests.

Tiger Woods is commonly one of the most covered players at the tournament. For Woods’ sponsors Nike, his presence at the Masters generates their biggest source of tournament brand exposure.

Indeed at The Masters in 2013, Tiger Woods was Nike’s Number one player brand platform. The amount of televised coverage given to him provided Nike three times more exposure than their next best Nike brand endorser, Rory McIlroy. Nike gained 34 minutes and 22 seconds of exposure because of Tiger Woods’ exposure compared to McIlroy’s 10 minutes and 27 seconds, of which occurred almost entirely in the first round, earlier in the tournament, away from the highly valued weekend’s broadcast window.

With the exposure Woods received during last year’s tournament, Nike was the fifth highest ranking player related brand, generating almost 50 minutes of air-time exposure. Without Woods playing however, Nike dropped to 15th in the ranking of brands. Quantified further, in 2013 with Woods playing, Nike generated over $3.8m worth of media value* compared to without him, receiving just over $700k worth.

Paul Smith, CEO of Repucom said: “Since 2010, Tiger Woods has typically commanded between 15-20% of broadcast air-time in the United States during the tournement, depending on his performance. This will now get distributed to the other golfers and of course to their sponsors.”

“From a brand perspective, this is challenging news for Nike, though Tiger will still dominate news coverage leading into Thursday’s first round. Rory McIlroy has an opportunity to play a leading role for Nike during the tournament and it will be interesting to see just how well he can perform and carry the brand through the event.”

For brands endemic to Golf such as Nike, Titleist & TaylorMade, The Masters drives over 20 percent of all of the exposure and media value in the sport in the United States, more than any other tournament.

A good tournament can set up their year, as was seen in 2013 where PING’s Angel Cabrera’s battle with Adam Scott netted PING just under 40 percent of their annual media exposure total.

*Repucom’s adjusted media evaluation model that accounts for the quality of brand presentation on screen in addition to audience and broadcast coverage.

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