Tokyo Giants choose Repucom in comprehensive 2015 analysis

Tokyo Giants Repucom

Tokyo, 08.01.16 – The Yomiuri Giants or as they’re also known, the Tokyo Giants, a professional baseball team based in Tokyo have teamed up with Repucom to provide a better and more comprehensive overview of their media exposure and value proposition to current and potential sponsors.

The Giants were established over 80 years ago as the first professional baseball team in Japan. In the last three years consecutively, the annual attendance of their franchise stadium, the Tokyo Dome, has reached over three million fans per year with average game attendances most recently of over 44,600.

As well as high stadium attendances, the Tokyo Giants also boast more than 70 games being broadcast in Japan and the US in 2015.

Repucom were chosen by the Tokyo Giants to support the team in understanding with greater detail and industry leading insight, both the media exposure afforded to the team as well as a host of market research profiling to determine the return on investment for sponsoring brands and the make-up of their current fan base.

Andy Hata, President, Repucom Japan, said: “We are very excited to sign with one of the most prestigious sports club in Japan. With the tradition of excellence, we look forward to further enhancing the value and a great future together.”

“Baseball in Japan remains the dominant sport. Teams in Japan have a proud history of competing and we’re very happy to help support the Tokyo Giants in providing the tools, data and insight they need to continue their illustrious record at home well into the future.”

The Tokyo Giants is a team which has produced players such as Sadaharu Oh, the world homerun leader, Hideki Matsui, former player of the New York Yankees and the 2009 MLB World Series MVP, Koji Uehara, closer for the Boston Red Sox.
The current partnership with Repucom the Tokyo Giants sees the two working together for the 2016 season.