Tour de France: Awareness and Interest

The Tour de France 2014 is speeding to its final destination in Paris on the 27th July. Before the end of the biggest cycling event of the year, Repucom takes a look at the awareness and interest figures of the grand circuit.

Who are the most aware of the Tour de France and which are the most interested age groups? SPORTSDNA, Repucom’s sponsorhsip planning tool provided the answers.

Tour de France awareness highest in Europe

The Tour de France is an event that is known all over the globe. 88% of people in Europe are aware of it and 50% of all people globally know about the tour. From a demographic point of view, 40% of the people interested in the Tour de France are between 30-49 years old, 33% are between 20-69 and 27% are between 16 and 29 years.

In Europe 20% of people say that they participate in cycling – the same participation level as football.

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Tour de France

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Key facts about SPORTSDNA methodology:

National population aged between 16 and 69 years

Sample Size
1,000 respondents per market

May and November

Interview Technique
The most suitable interview technique is chosen individually country by country: Telephone interviews (CATI) or online investigation (CAWI). If neither are possible due to national infrastructure, face-to-face interviews(PAPI) are conducted, or a combination is used.

Selection Procedure
Representative survey, random sample stratified according to region, quotas for age and gender. If required, an urban sample is used in countries with a less developed media infrastructure.