Why can’t women win in Formula One?

Formula OneA recent article from CNN deals with the issues of Susie Wolff becoming the first female Formula One driver in 20 years. Despite her ability and talent to drive fast, there are critical voices from the big names in the business who don´t think that Wolff gets the chance to show her talent as a driver.

For example Bernie Ecclestone stated: “”Susie Wolff is good — but will she ever be in a position to show how good she is? – I doubt it.”

Physical strength, mental attributes and money worries are among factors. But on the other hand, there are new possibiltiies and chances for the Formula One.

A female driver could also have some interesting effects on the business side of the Formula one.

“Generally speaking, women in sport are certainly an attractive proposition for sponsors as they are often seen as more likeable and trusted, compared to their male counterparts,” agrees Nigel Geach, senior vice-president of Motorsport at market research company Repucom. But consider Williams’ chief sponsor Martini: would its advertising — heavy on retro “Mad Men”-style imagery and male seduction fantasies — make sense with a no-nonsense female driver behind the wheel?

Geach talks about “new examples of sponsorship activation” — new, less macho brands becoming involved with the sport’s female drivers. But, there’s a catch:”Drivers must first convince investors that they are capable of vying for the points during the F1 season,” he says.Understandably, no brand wants their name to be seen on the side of a last-place car — but this is a promise that can rarely be given, even when a prospective competitor has cleaned up in other race categories.

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