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In the News & Insights section of the Women and Sport Hub, we are providing insights and expert opinion into the growing rise and importance of female fans and female athletes. Throughout the year, we are focusing on women fans, sport and sponsorship. As trusted adviser and partner in sports and entertainment intelligence, Repucom will provide a host of information, sports intelligence data, insights and trends. To find out more, please follow the links below.

Guy Port on ABC News 24

Guy Port, Managing Director Repucom Australia and New Zealand, talks on ABC News 24 about Repucom’s ‘Women and Sport’ report.

Free 34 page download of Repucom’s insights into the growing rise and importance of female fans and female athletes available here: nielsensports.com/women-sport-report-download

Women & Sport Report - by Paul Smith | Women's SportNet

Women_Sport_Sponsorship Women and Sport explores the rise in the importance of both female athletes and female fans.

Aside from the digital revolution, the rapid rise in the importance, influence and value of female fans has been one of the most distinctive shifts in the sports marketing landscape in the last 50 years. This has been driven by some major societal and cultural changes around the world, and the increasing participation of women in sport, in particular at school.

We now see the impact of a second generation of young women growing up with a much higher chance of developing an interest in sport, and female sporting celebrities providing role models who are closing the gap with non- sport celebrities and their male counterparts. Fans are at the centre of the sports marketing equation and one of the primary reasons why sponsors invest in sport, and female fans are of particularly high value to some sponsors given their influence in purchase decisions.

Women and Sport will tap into the vast array of data points Repucom has amassed on…

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Women, Sport and Sponsorship | Various Sources

Women_Sport_Sponsorship Brands have focussed on sponsorship opportunities
with men’s individual and team sports for many years. But over the last decade we have seen sponsors and broadcasters engaging more with female athletes at both grassroots and elite levels reflecting a broader realisation of the value of female role models and women’s purchasing power around the world. Here, we present some of the most powerful recent campaigns surrounding women and sport.

One of the most innovative campaigns relating to women and sport in recent years is the first Nike “Music Runs Ellie” campaign from 2011. Nike wanted to motivate a younger audience to take-up running and selected singer Ellie Goulding to feature in the advert rather than a top female athlete, exemplifying the increasing influence of music as a magnet for sports brands. Click here to see the ad.

American sports clothing and accessories company Under Armour sought to increase female consumers by launching a campaign in 2014 targeting women entitled “I Will What I Want.” The global campaign includes a designated website and powerful and emotive adverts aimed at women. The first ad in the “I Will What I Want” series features American ballerina Misty Copeland. Click here to see the ad.

The multinational consumer goods company Procter and Gamble tapped into the women and sport market in 2014 with their viral campaign “Always #LikeAGirl”. Doing things “like a girl” is frequently used as an insult opposed to doing things “like a boy”. P&G wanted to illustrate these negative connotations and show just how doings things “like a girl” should boost the confidence of girls growing up. Click here to see the ad.

Sport England and a wide range of partner organizations kicked of 2015 with their campaign “This girl can”. The campaign is a celebration of all women, who are doing things their way without the fear of being judged. As the Repucom Women and Sport report states, emotional barriers are the major hurdles for women to do sport. The campaign aims to reduce these emotional barriers. Click here to see the ad.

More women in sport, but pay gap remains| SBS

News and Insights Women and Sport A report shows that women are having a bigger impact in terms of reach to sports fans, but are lagging behind men in endorsements and sponsorships.

More women are playing and watching sport, but are still getting lapped by their male counterparts in terms of endorsements and sponsorship.

Despite many more women participating in sport and identifying as sports fans, brands are “continuing to underleverage female athletes and teams”, according to a report by marketing and media company Repucom.

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Why do sponsors undervalue female athletes?| Womensagenda

Celebrity DBI Women and SportWomen are significantly more engaged than ever in sport both as competitors and as fans, according to new research released today.

The report, released by Repucom and titled Women and Sport looks at the changing landscape of women’s participation in sport and women’s interest in sport. The study found that the generation of women currently under the age of 50 are significantly more likely to both consume professional sport and participate in it.

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